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  1. Do NOT post, or link to, any illegal content including, but not limited to: bestiality, child pornography, discussion regarding the sale, manufacture, or distribution of illegal drugs, etc.
  2. When creating a thread, add the relevant tags to it. This enables users to filter and find desired content in a simple, and efficient manner. i.e. One can filter fur threads, technology threads, political threads, etc., and view only news and random image threads.
  3. Posting content in a thread where the type of content has not been tagged (e.g. furry content is not allowed in a philosophy thread) will result in an immediate ban, the length increasing exponentially with every subsequent offense. tl;dr Post relevant content in relevant threads.
  4. In threads tagged 'Random', you may post any type of content as long as it is not in violation of the first rule.
  5. No advertising unless it is relevant or of interest to the community. Blatant spam will result in a ban. Contact the 1chan staff if you aren't sure if your post violates this rule.
  6. No raid threads. They attract negative attention from law authorities and also are generally cancerous. If you would like to discuss raids, do so at 4chan's /b/ or 888chan's /i/.
  7. Before creating a thread, please look through the catalog to insure a thread on your topic does not already exist. Hit control-F to search. Duplicate threads will be deleted. You can append "/tagged/" to a URL to view posts created under that tag, ex. /tagged/technology or /catalog/tagged/technology.
  8. You must be over 18 years of age to view or post any content.
  9. Rules will be added/modified as necessary, such additions will be noted in the News


1chan is an in-development image board that seeks to improve upon the current state of image board technology. We share similarities to other chans (namely 4chan, 7chan, 2chan, etc.) in our style and execution of classic and commonplace features, i.e. posting, uploading images, quoting, displaying threads. As you can see, we also use the futaba theme for the board (other themes are also available to switch to, see 'My Account')

One of our main features at the present time is the ability to tag threads. There are no separate boards as there are on other sites, but a single page that consists of multiple threads with different tags. A user is able to and is encouraged to filter tags, thereby displaying only content which that the user wishes to see.

You can keep up with 1chan's growth by visiting the statistics page.


1chan is unlike any other imageboard. To deliver the unique experience 1chan offers, it is necessary that visitors are able to save their settings between each visit.

For instance, once you have registered you will be able to hide threads which have to do with any topics you aren't interested in automatically. This is thanks to our post tagging system, which you can read about above.

While you are able to post using your account nickname, you are still able (and encouraged) to post anonymously.

While it is recommended that you use an email address that you check regularly, it is not required. You are welcome to use a service such as Mailinator to generate a temporary email address.

If you use an actual email address which you check, you'll be able to receive notifications. Currently the notifications we send (which can be deactivated in your account settings) are @mentions and post >>quotes.

If the registration process is currently closed, you can register for 1chan by doing one of the following:
  • (Recommended) Joining our IRC channel (see below) and speak to a member, who will gladly send you an invitation in exchange for your time spent getting to know the community.
  • Entering a valid email address on the home page, and clicking 'Request Invitation'

Once you receive your invitation, click on the link within the email to register.


Yes, click here to chat. If you have an IRC client installed, join #1chan @ irc.1chan.us.

If you need to get in touch with a staff member, speak with a channel operator. Operators have an @-symbol next to their name.


Yes, click here to join if you already have Mumble installed. If you haven't installed Mumble (the voice chat client), you can download it here.

Please use push-to-talk, as it prevents unwanted noise.

A 1chan Odyssey: A guide to quality posting and positive contribution.

As 1chan grows and expands, so does the diversity and magnitude of its users. We strive to have an imageboard that has both a positive and helpful environment as well as a userbase to post on topic material.

It is encouraged that 1chan users contribute to the community in a way that shows respect for the rules and respect for the discussion at hand. Good quality posts are generally well constructed and show relevance to the discussion. A post of poor quality will have no thought put behind it, and will generally contribute nothing to the community or discussion. Poor quality posts are hurtful to the overall atmosphere of 1chan and it is highly discouraged that users shitpost or post in a manner that is disrespectful to the the relevant topic. Any posts that are regarded as "shitposting" are liable to be deleted and and poster warned or banned by the discretion of the moderator.

It should also be known that content in the IRC should stay in the IRC. Any tomfoolery that spills out onto the imageboard from the IRC will not be received well by both the 1chan staff and users who do not frequent the IRC.

Although 1chan offers a username system, it is still encouraged that users post anonymously. Any users who proclaim to be "royalty" of 1chan are discouraged from doing so.

-Lord beechi


To contact the entire team, send an email to team@1chan.us.

You can also contact some of the individual staff members:

Administrator   tee@1chan.us
Administrator   beechi@1chan.us
Moderator   creed@1chan.us
Moderator   ethereality@1chan.us


Yes, you can donate via:

BitCoin - Send coins to 1JX95MzCqbUTP42qJy16DxToS8RLhnfxFF
PayPal - Click here to donate via PayPal


Yes, the following HTML tags are allowed:

<s>     Strike
<u>     Underline
<b>     Bold
<i>     Italic
<small>     Small
<sub>     Subscript
<sup>     Superscript
<spoiler>     Spoiler
<code>, <aa>     Code/ASCII art
<ol>, <ul>, <li>     Ordered and unordered lists


No. We are not currently accepting new moderator applications.